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    Domestic Worker is an immigration category for the individuals who wish to sponsor their domestic workers to come and work for them in the UK on a short term basis. There are however several requirements that need to be met before a domestic worker visa application can be made.


    Domestic Worker category allows either;

    • UK or EEA nationals who are residing outside the UK and do not intend to stay in the UK for more than 6 months, to bring their domestic worker for short stay
    • Or foreign nationals who wish to come to the UK together with their overseas domestic workers, for short visits.

    We can advise and represent our clients in making Domestic Worker applications which can only be made from overseas as switching to Domestic Worker is not permitted under the UK Immigration Rules. As now all of the British Diplomatic Posts support online applications, we can advise and represent our clients completely while we are based in London. Domestic Worker is a non-point based system application and the applicant needs to fulfill certain requirements including prior employment as a domestic worker with the same employer, and other standard requirements for Domestic Worker visa application.

    1. Work Permissions for Domestic Workers: The domestic worker will only be able to work as a household worker for his / her employer. He will not be allowed to take any employment with anyone else and also cannot be self-employed.
    2. Dependents of Domestic Workers: Only those domestic workers are allowed to invite their partners and children less than 18 years of age, to join them as dependents, who were given entry clearance under these rules in place before 05 April 2012. The dependents of those domestic workers will be free to take any employment or engage in self-employment activities.
    3. English Language requirement for Domestic Worker: There is no requirement of ability to communicate in English language for domestic workers to apply for entry clearance applications.
    4. Maintenance requirement for Domestic workers: The main Domestic Worker applicant and their dependents need to fulfil the standard requirements of maintenance and accommodation without recourse to public funds.


    There are two sets of Rules in place for Domestic Workers. Those Domestic Workers who have been issued Domestic Worker Visa (entry clearance) before 06 April 2012 and for those Domestic Worker who were issued with Domestic Worker Visa (clearance) as a domestic worker after that date. As in former category, the Domestic Worker is able to extend their visas for 12 months on several occasions and can also apply for ILR upon completion of 5 years in the UK. While in the latter category, the Domestic Worker can only stay in the UK for a maximum of 6 months and they would not be issued with extension of Domestic Worker visa beyond this time period.


    The Domestic Workers, with entry clearance (visa) on the basis of Immigration Rules in place before 06th of April 2012, are eligible to apply for Domestic Worker ILR upon completion of the required time period and all other requirements.

    Domestic Worker Migrant Continued Employment

    The domestic worker migrant will need to provide evidence of the continuity of his employment as a domestic worker, with the same terms and conditions in addition to the fact that he has successfully completed 5 years in the UK.

    When can a Domestic Worker apply for Settlement?

    The Domestic Worker will need to reside in the UK for at least 5 years which start from the date when he first entered the UK. Domestic Worker can however make their application 28 days before completing their 5 years in the UK.

    Domestic Worker Absences from the UK

    The Home Office expects the Domestic Worker applicants to have absences in line with their annual holidays or if they have absences of more than 6 months in total in the five years’ time, they could require providing reason of such absence.

    Knowledge of English Language and Life in the UK for Domestic Worker

    The domestic worker is required to provide evidence of their knowledge of English Language and life in the UK which is at present fulfilled by passing life in the UK test and they would additionally be required to provide evidence of ability to communicate in English language at level B1.

    Time Spent on Other Visas: The applicants may NOT add time spent in the UK, on any visa


    Spouse / Civil Partner / Unmarried Partner of the applicant and their children who are already on dependent visas, may also apply for ILR provided they also fulfil relevant criteria.


    Super priority service is available to Domestic Workers for their ILR applications. We can arrange for Domestic Worker super priority service and represent our clients in getting their ILR expeditiously, by making sure that all Immigration requirements are met and appropriate representations are made.

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