It is of utmost concern for all UK visa applicants that their visa or leave to remain application is not rejected. Unarguably, the UK is one of the primary destinations for migration and tourism.

This is why many people around the world apply for UK visas in different categories or once in the UK; apply for an extension of their leave to remain.

Some of these UK Visas categories include business visa, spouse visa or extension of spouse visa, visitor visa, student visa, skilled worker visa, and others.

With a high rate of UK visa rejection, applicants are often worried about visa rejection.

Here is a list of the most common UK Visa Rejection Reasons which can be avoided with proper immigration consultancy.

The information provided in this blog is important for all UK Visa applicants.

Errors in the UK Visa Application Form

Providing incorrect information or making an unintentional error in the UK visa application can get your visa application refused by the visa officer. Therefore, applicants must ensure that accurate information is provided in the application and personal statements.

Failure to Submit Proper Documents 

One of the most common reasons for UK Visa Refusal is when Applicants fail to submit proper supporting documents with their visa application. Usually, poor knowledge or lack of understanding about the required supporting documents can result in visa refusal.

Applicants should pay attention and include the essential documents. However, it is ideal to seek expert advice from the best Immigration Solicitors on relevant documents to be attached with your visa application.

Irregular Bank Statements

Applicants are required to provide bank account statements for proving their financial strength with their UK Visit Visa Application.

Most often, these bank statements reflect irregular deposits of funds and visa officers reject the application on this basis. In the cover letter, applicants fail to explain the sources of these huge deposits that lead to visa refusal.

Not Meeting the Financial Requirements

Failing to meet the financial requirements is another common reason for UK Visa refusal.

There is a certain financial requirement for every Point-Based Visa application that needs to be fulfilled by the applicants in order to get their visa application approved by the visa officer.

Applicants Failing to Disclose Previous Visa Refusals 

Another common reason for visa rejection is when past visa refusal/s is not fully disclosed in their visa application. Applicants should be aware that UK Home Office has information of applicants’ previous refusals and they can also verify it from other embassies.

Therefore, applicants must disclose previous UK visa refusal, or otherwise, it can result in visa rejection.

Previous Immigration History Not Disclosed 

Many times, applicants may have some legal issues or immigration history in the past that they fail to disclose in their visa application.

Applicants think that if a long time has passed related to certain criminal convictions or bans then it is best to not mention it in the present application.

However, applicants must know that the Home Office may verify third parties and or check previous immigration history. Not disclosing your previous immigration could result in deception or misrepresentation of facts.

Not Meeting the Minimum English Requirement

For gaining most of the UK visas, applicants are required to fulfil the English Language requirement by obtaining a minimum score of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) Level B1. This language requirement is also applicable for having British Citizenship and a General Tier 2 Visa.

In addition to this, there are also some visa categories that require applicants to gain a slightly higher score, which is a minimum of CEFR Level B2. However, the minimum level of communication needed for meeting the language criteria for the majority of the UK visas is Level B1.

In general, level B1 shows that the speaker is capable of speaking more than just Basic English but they may find it hard to study or work solely in English in the UK.

Specific Evidence Not Provided with Visa Application

When reading the Home Office Website, one may find simple and straightforward advice.

Such guidelines are of general nature, and they do not offer sufficient details depth.

It is important for any person who applies for a UK visa to always provide original documents and never misinterpret any detail as it may lead to UK visa rejection.

Applying for a Wrong Visa Category

Applying for the correct visa category is an essential aspect of visa application as each visa category is designed for a specific purpose.

Therefore, applicants need to make sure that they have chosen the correct visa category.

Following Advice from Family and Friends and Not Seeking Expert Guidance

Most often people think that just asking family and friends or reading guidelines from the Home Office website is enough for filling a visa application. Also, providing documents that are required in the correct order or format would be sufficient, however, this is not the right way.

One must seek expert guidance to ensure that your visa application is thoroughly checked and have sufficient supporting documents as required per the specific visa category.

Legal professionals with expertise should be consulted for advice as they have more detailed knowledge of different visa categories and how to fill specific visa applications.

Therefore, it is ideal for any applicant to get professional advice from legal experts such as immigration solicitors, and Immigration Lawyers in London

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Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the Home Office received nearly 3.6 million applicants from outside the UK in 2019.

Out of these received applications, almost 434,000 were rejected, whereas in 2018 more than 373,000 visa applications were refused (SmartMove2UK, 2021).

The entire process of UK Visa application and the Home Office approval can be a lengthy, strict, and stressful procedure. Each application is thoroughly checked and scrutinized before approval or refusal.

The rate of UK visa rejection / UK visa refusal is high. However, applicants can minimize their chances of visa rejection by getting professional guidance from immigration experts, immigration solicitors, or immigration lawyers in London.

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