SAB is a Pakistani national living in the UK. He made his ILR application in the year 2016 which was granted in March 2018, after the delay of more than 16 months. His wife was given further leave to remain as his dependent for three years. He wanted to apply for British Citizenship application straight away as the home office has discretion to waive the requirement of 12 residences from the date of indefinite leave to remain for British citizenship if the home office has taken more than 12 months to consider the ILR application.

Advice: Advised that it is possible to make British naturalization application straight away invoking the home office to use discretion on the residence requirement. Advised him on the required documents for British Nationality application, thoroughly checked his absences from the UK for the qualified period and other requirements. Completed online UK Nationality application which allowed us to print the biometric letter straight away, which expedited the process for his British Citizen ship application. Last but not the least we prepared a covering letter for his British citizenship application, addressed to the UK home office, explaining how the applicant fulfils all the requirements of UK Naturalization Application whilst referring to the documents provided with his British Nationality application.

Outcome: The Home office approved the application in 2 months’ time.

Further advice: His wife will now also be eligible to apply for naturalization as soon as she is given ILR.


Facts: Mrs. X is national of Saudi Arabia aged 55years and has ILR since year 2015. She made an application for naturalization in 2016 herself but was refused as she has a caution from the met police. She came to us as she wants to make an application for naturalization but is scared as they might refuse again due to her conviction.

Advice: We asked Mrs. X to bring her refusal for previous application and also a copy of the said caution. Thereafter after analysing her documents we advised her on the necessary requirements she need to meet and provided her with of documents to provide us to start her application. Prepared a covering letter addressed to the home office explaining how the applicant fulfils all the requirements of naturalization application while referring to the caution and other documents provided with the application.

Outcome: The Home Office approved the application within 2months time.

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