Facts: OA is a British citizen living in the UK with his wife and a daughter. He has a 17 years old son from his earlier marriage, living in Philippines. His former wife is also a British citizen settled in the UK and their son was living with the grandmother. OA wants to invite his son on settlement visa to join him on permanent basis. He runs his own company and is earning good income from his business. He confirms that he has sole responsibility of the welfare and upbringing of his son and visits him every year and also pays for all his schooling and other expenses. He has a three bedroom flat in London and has ample room for his son to join him in the UK. OA sought our advice and services in respect of making settlement visa application for his son living in Iran.

Advice: We advised him on the list of documents that we require to make the settlement application which included his financial documents, evidences relating to availability and adequacy of accommodation, evidences relating to sole responsibility of the child and other documents. We completed online entry clearance application, prepared sponsorship declarations, completed the relevant appendix from and booked an appointment for his son to submit his passport at the visa application center in Philippine. All the original documents were sent to home office in Sheffield by next day delivery along with pre-paid envelope.

Outcome: The Home office granted entry clearance to OA’s son, i.e. Indefinite leave to enter.

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