We believe in a balanced, complete and powerful legal representation, which is at the same time professional and cost-effective. We are experienced litigation lawyers to help our clients understand their legal rights and help to decide the best course of action.

We aim for a speedy resolution to our client’s all litigation problems which we undertake for them.

Our objective is to give our clients peace of mind by giving them the best possible legal representation. Our priority is to keep our clients fully informed about the progress of their matter.

Our approach towards Litigation is very proactive. We work hard to discuss issues from all sides so that it is easy for clients to choose what is best for them.

We endeavour to complete the task out of court in settlement and thus save time and costs for our clients.

Should any settlement efforts fail between the parties, we are ready to take the matter to the courts of law.

We are able to represent interests in a wide range of civil disputes, including We have got vast experience in handling all sorts of litigation matters, no matter how complex they are, and are rightly placed to represent our clients.

If you wish to engage our services or have any questions, just give us a call or drop an email and leave the rest to us.

At Chauhan Solicitors, we offer our expertise in advising and representing our clients on the requirements that need to be met, the law and the procedure that need to be followed.

We are just a phone call or an email away and are available at 0203 514 2536 or info@chauhansolicitors.com and once in contact, be assured that you are in safe hands.