Facts: AB is a national of Pakistan who entered the UK on sole representative visa. He was given 3 years visa and wanted to apply for extension of his sole representative visa. He had opened a branch office of the overseas company and had a few documents confirming the trading and physical existence of the branch office.

Advice: Advised on the specific documents required to serve as evidence of link between the branch office of the UK and the parent company in Pakistan. Provided further list of other documents and information required for the completion of application. Liaised with the client’s accountant for the right set of documents, Prepared a covering letter addressed to the home office explaining how the applicant fulfills all the requirements of further leave to remain of sole representative visa and dependent visas for the dependents, while referring to the documents provided with the applications.

Outcome: The Home office granted leave to remain to the clients.

Further advice: They would be eligible for ILR upon  completion of total 5 years on this category and advised them on the maximum number of absences allowed and other documents required for ILR applications.

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