Facts: GK is a national of India. She got married with a British citizen and obtained leave to remain as spouse of her husband. The marriage went well for a year or so but later differences developed between them and she had to call police due to intimidating behavior and assault by her husband.    The police took her to the hospital and took her husband to the court which issue retraining order against the husband. She lodged divorce proceedings.

Advice: Discussed in detail with her about all the circumstances, and possible documents that she had access to, to make Indefinite leave to remain application as victim of domestic violence. Reviewed the documents in detail, prepared a detailed personal statement of the client and advised her on the procedure and merits of the application. Prepared a covering letter addressed to the home office explaining how she fulfills all the requirements of ILR application as victim of domestic violence.

Outcome: The Home office granted Indefinite leave to remain to client in 3.5 months.

Further advice: She could make an application for British citizenship after completing 12 months from the date of ILR.

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