Facts: MAR is a Pakistani national who lived in the UK on Tier 4 visa. He made EEA EFM application on the basis of his relationship with his EEA national partner. The home office interviewed both of them and detained him after the interview. He was removed after a week. His partner later traveled to Pakistan, got married there and the client then engaged us for his family permit application. He was concerned whether his earlier removal would affect his family permit application.

Advice: Advised that his earlier removal from the UK would not affect his family permit application. Advised him on the list of documents required for family permit application from Pakistan. Reviewed the documents provided by the client and his wife, advised to provide further documents to establish genuineness and subsistence of relationship, completed online application form, prepared a covering letter addressed to the entry clearance officer explaining how the applicants fulfil all the requirements of family permit under the EEA regulations while referring to the documents provided with the application.

Outcome: The Entry clearance officer granted family permit in 6 weeks.

Further advice: Advised him to make residence card application before the expiry of family permit, which will be given for 5 years.

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