Facts: MP is a nation of India. Her daughter sponsored her to come to the UK for her wedding. The visa officer refused the visa application giving the reason that he was not satisfied that she would return back to India as she failed to provide any documents relating to her family / financial ties. She wanted to apply again as this time her daughter was expecting and she wanted to see her.

Advice: Advised that the earlier refusal was correct as she did not provide any documents relating to her assets and her business activities in India. Advised heron the list of documents required for family visit visa from India. Reviewed the documents provided by the client and her daughter, advised to provide further documents to establish her self-employment activities,  credits in her bank statements and a letter from her husband that he will stay back in India. Completed online application form, prepared a covering letter addressed to the entry clearance officer explaining how the applicants fulfil all the requirements of family visit visa under Appendix V of the immigration rules while referring to the documents provided with the application.

Outcome: The Entry clearance officer granted family visit visa  in two weeks’ time.

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