This stage comes once the Chief Immigration Officer refuses to grant temporary admission or Immigration bail for one reason or other and we have a great deal of experience in representing our clients in making Immigration detention bail applications to the first-tier tribunal (Immigration & Asylum Chambers). This is in fact to secure the temporary release of a person detained by the immigration authorities for the alleged breach / non-compliance of the relevant immigration rules.

It all depends on the immigration history of the detainee, his social and family circumstances, the alleged breach of the immigration rules, availability and credibility of sureties and the evidence that could be provided addressing the alleged breach / non-compliance of the immigration rules, whether an immigration detention bail application can be successful or not. And all such factors require detailed assessment and extensive experience to handle tactfully.

And handling such casework involves advising the detainee and sureties on court procedures, assessing the merits of the application, and several other factors. It is, therefore, best to leave this matter with competent professionals who have vast experience in handling Immigration Detention Bail applications at First Tier Tribunal (Immigration & Asylum Chamber) as oversight of an important issue or document may lead to refusal of bail application making the matter even more complex.

We have a list of one of the best immigration barristers available to help our clients who have successfully obtained the release of our clients from immigration detention.

It is therefore absolutely important to make sure that every bit of information or document is in place at the time of the Bail Application.

But these are only temporary reliefs for the detainee and it is extremely necessary to sort out the immigration matter on a permanent basis for which we may have to lodge an appeal, seek injunctions from the high court, or make further representations in support of his immigration matter. We can advise and represent our clients throughout all the processes and the steps that we need to take.

Our Immigration Solicitors can expeditiously deal with your immigration matters by advising on the merits of visa applications, required documentation, and relevant procedures.

Mr. Intisar Chauhan, Principal Solicitor at Chauhan Solicitors, is an expert Immigration Solicitor in London who has been dealing with UK Immigration Laws since 2003. Our Immigration Solicitors shall provide you with the best possible Immigration advice/consultation and accordingly shall prepare your immigration matter under the direct supervision of Mr. Chauhan. After consultation, if you want us to start preparing your case, you can expect the following from our Immigration lawyers: