Facts: Miss Z is a national of Morocco and arrived in the UK as domestic career with a British family in year 2006. She has two siblings who are British Citizens. Her sister is disabled and is completely dependent of others to survive as she cannot even eat on her own and needs a carer 24/7. Miss X’s brother was previously looking after their sister but when he got married he was unable to provide the support needed and being a guy was unable to completely look after his sister. Miss X was refused visa previously and also tried to make asylum claim which was also refused.

Advice: We asked Miss Z to provide copies of her previous explanation along with medical history of her sister. We also provided her advice on outside immigration rule visa applications. Thereafter we prepared her cover letter and other documentation list as required in her circumstances for her to be given leave to remain outside of immigration rules.

Outcome: The Home office granted her leave to remain for 2.5 years within 4 months.

Further Advice: Once her current granted leave to remain expires we asked her to let us know so we can apply for an extension of the same.

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