Facts: SSM is a Pakistani national living in the UK with his EEA wife exercising her treaty rights in the UK. Their marriage took place in London in the year 2013 and they have since been living together. The EEA partner worked in the UK since she moved from her home country in the year 2012. They sought our advice and services in making permanent residence applications under the EEA regulations.

Advice: Advised the clients on the list of documents required for permanent residence applications under the EEA regulations. Reviewed the documents provided by the client, advised to provide further documents as there were some pay slips missing in the relevant five years. Prepared a covering letter addressed to the home office explaining how the applicants fulfil all the requirements of Permanent residence under the EEA regulations while referring to the documents provided with the applications.

Outcome: The Home office granted permanent residence to both the applicants. The EEA national was given permanent residence from January 2017 while SSM was given permanent residence from  Feb. 2018 i.e. five years from the date of their marriage.

Further advice: The EEA national became eligible to apply for naturalization straight away while SSM could make his application for naturalization after Feb. 2019 or earlier if his wife becomes British citizen before that date.

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