Facts: MS is a Pakistani national living in the UK. He was lasted given a residence card as an extended family member of his sister who is an EEA national. He went to Pakistan for a short holiday and was stopped at the airport to enquire further about his residence card. The Home office contacted his EEA national sister and was not satisfied with the answers given during the interview. MS’s residence card was revoked and he was given the right to appeal.

Advice: We had a detailed consultation with MS who narrated all the details at the airport, also spoke with his sister who provided the relevant information about her conversation with the Home office caseworker. Lodged appeal, advised the client on the documents and further information required for the appeal bundle. Prepared detailed witness statements of the client and his sister, advised them on the court procedures and on the questions they should expect from the Court and the Home office. Engaged one of the best immigration barristers for the hearing, prepared a brief for him, and discussed the matter in detail.

Outcome: The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal allowed the appeal.

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