TVK is a British citizen who wanted to apply for a UK spouse visa application from India for his wife to join him on spouse visa UK. He took advice on UK spouse visa supporting documents and requirements, prepared the spouse visa documents for his wife to apply spouse visa from India. He is self-employed and was required to provide documentary evidences of his earnings for the full financial year. Instead he provided the documents for the immediate 12 months from the date of spouse visa application and the entry clearance officer refused the spouse visa application, giving a right of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)/. TVK came to for a consultation to discuss the merits of the immigration appeal, the immigration appeal process and the time that the immigration appeal would take.


Advised him that since he did not provide the required documents for spouse visa application at the time of making this application, the changes of success of the immigration appeal would be slim. We also advised on the spouse visa appeal time and the process. He therefore decided to make another spouse visa application for his wife instead of lodging immigration appeal against the decision of refusal of the spouse visa application. Advised him on the spouse visa requirements, supporting documents for spouse visa application and provided him with a list of documents for spouse visa application, liaised with his accountant for the right set of documents of his self-employment earnings, completed the online spouse visa application form, prepared a covering letter addressed to the visa officer explaining how his wife fulfils all the requirements of spouse visa application while making references to the documents provided with the UK spouse visa application.


The spouse visa application was approved by the visa officer in India and she was granted visa for 30 days allowing her to travel to the UK and collect her Biometric card from local post office.

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