Facts: TVK is a British citizen who invited his wife from India to join him and sponsored her for spouse visa. He engaged some other solicitors who represented his wife in entry clearance application. He is self-employed and was required to provide documentary evidences of his earnings for the full financial year. Instead he did not provide the relevant documents and the entry clearance officer refused the application, giving a right of appeal. TVK came to the office to consult us whether to lodge appeal or to make a fresh application instead.

Advice:Advised him that since the entry clearance officer did not have the relevant documents there would be slim chances of success in appeal. It also takes around 8 months for an appeal to be heard in the UK. Advised him to make a fresh application instead and this time ensure all the mandatory documents are provided with the application. Provided him with a list of relevant documents, liaised with his accountant for the right set of documents of his self-employment earnings, completed the online application form, prepared a covering letter addressed to the visa officer explaining how his wife fulfills all the requirements while making references to the documents provided with the application.

Outcome: The visa officer granted spouse visa to TVK’s wife in 3 months’ time.

Mr. “A” is present and settled in the UK and wants to invite his wife from Zimbabwe but he is not sure whether he should invite her as a visitor visa for 6 months or can he sponsor her on spouse visa. He is not working as he is disabled and is in receipt of benefits from the Government. He wishes to enquire the requirements he needs to meet to bring his wife to the UK and thereafter make an application for visa.

Advice: We advised that he can apply for a spouse visa and we can discuss the benefits he is in receipt of and check if he qualifies for the exemption to earning criteria to be granted visa. Thereafter we provided a list of checklist he need to provide us and further liaised during the application process.

Outcome: The visa officer granted spouse visa to Mr.“A”s wife within a Month.

Facts: Mr. X is a British Citizen and recently married Pakistani national. He wishes to invite his wife from Pakistan. He works part time and also studies at a University. He wants to sponsor his wife.

Advice: We Mr. X that he needs to meet the earning criteria on GBP 18,600 as initial step and as he is working part time if he is not able to provided the required salary he would not be able to sponsor her unless he has savings to the amount of XXXX for 6 months. That could be used towards to show maintenance.

Outcome: He waited to be employed on full times basis and applied after 6 months. His wife was granted spouse visa within 3 months.

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