Facts: TAC is a Pakistani national living in the UK with her husband. She entered the UK as a Tier 1 Investor before 06 Nov. 2014 and was given three years leave. She invested £1 million in UK Govt Bonds and wanted to apply for further leave to remain for herself and her husband using super premium service.

Advice: We booked an appointment with the UK visas super premium service team for submission of documents and for them to come to our office for the bio metrics. Advised the clients on the list of documents required for further leave to remain application and the dependent visa application. Provided a draft letter that we need from the relevant financial institution. Prepared a covering letter addressed to the home office explaining how the applicant fulfills all the requirements of Tier 1 Investor visa application while referring to the documents provided with the applications.

Outcome: The Home office granted leave to remain to the clients.

Further advice: They would be eligible for ILR upon  completion of total 5 years on this category and advised them on the maximum number of absences allowed.

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