Family Permit

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Facts: MAR is a Pakistani national who lived in the UK on Tier 4 visa. He made EEA EFM application on the basis of his relationship with his EEA national partner. The home office interviewed both of them and detained him after the interview. He was removed after a week. His partner later traveled to […]

Extension of Sole Representative Visa

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Facts: AB is a national of Pakistan who entered the UK on sole representative visa. He was given 3 years visa and wanted to apply for extension of his sole representative visa. He had opened a branch office of the overseas company and had a few documents confirming the trading and physical existence of the […]

Entry Clearance Appeal – Spouse Visa

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Facts: SU is a British citizen who is married to a Pakistani national. He sponsored his wife to join him on a spouse visa but the entry clearance application was refused by the entry clearance officer. The only reason given was that the ECO was not satisfied with the subsistence of the marriage. The Visa […]

Domestic Violence – ILR Application

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Facts: GK is a national of India. She got married with a British citizen and obtained leave to remain as spouse of her husband. The marriage went well for a year or so but later differences developed between them and she had to call police due to intimidating behavior and assault by her husband.    The […]

Child Settlement Visa from Overseas

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Facts: OA is a British citizen living in the UK with his wife and a daughter. He has a 17 years old son from his earlier marriage, living in Philippines. His former wife is also a British citizen settled in the UK and their son was living with the grandmother. OA wants to invite his […]

Bereaved British Spouse

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BEREAVED BRITISH SPOUSE Facts: Mrs. A was married to a British citizen and entered the UK on a spouse visa with our law firm’s assistance. After couple of months unfortunately her husband passed away suddenly. She sought our advice for her Bereaved British Spouse status. Advice: We advised her about the Home office guidelines on […]


We want to give you the best possible service. However, if at any point you become unhappy or concerned about the service we have provided then you should inform us immediately so that we can do our best to resolve the problem. In the first instance, it may be helpful to contact the person who […]

UK Visa Premium service

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Facts: AD is a Pakistani national living in the UK. He had Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa which was valid till Dec. 2018. He completed his 10 years of legal and continuous residence in the UK. He did not have many documents to establish his legal and continuous residence in the UK. He sought advice regarding […]

British Citizenship

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BRITISH CITIZENSHIP Facts: SAB is a Pakistani national living in the UK. He made his ILR application in the year 2016 which was granted in March 2018, after the delay of more than 16 months. His wife was given further leave to remain as his dependent for three years. He wanted to apply for British […]

Administrative Review Applications – from Outside the UK

Administrative Review

Administrative Review – Overseas Since appeal rights have been taken away from most of the immigration categories, the applicants whose entry clearance applications or leave to remain applications or Indefinite leave to remain applications are refused they are given the right of administrative review. This is a procedure where the applicant is allowed to challenge […]