UK Updates the Red Green & Amber Lists

UK Updates Red Green & Amber List

In the most recent revisions to Covid limitations, Canada and Denmark are among seven nations that have been moved to the Green List.   Thailand and Montenegro have been included in the UK government’s red list, indicating that they are among the most dangerous travel destinations.   Finland, the Azores, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Lithuania will […]

10 Reasons Why UK Visa is Rejected

10 Most Common UK Visa Rejection

It is of utmost concern for all UK visa applicants that their visa or leave to remain application is not rejected. Unarguably, the UK is one of the primary destinations for migration and tourism. This is why many people around the world apply for UK visas in different categories or once in the UK; apply […]

Variation of leave to remain application

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Facts: AB is a national of Pakistan. She made her application for further leave to remain on the basis of a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. The home office took extraordinary time to consider her application and whilst her application was pending, she completed her 10 years of lawful and continuous residence in the UK. Advice: […]

UK Visa premium service – SET LR

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Facts: AD is a Pakistani national living in the UK. He had Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa which was valid till Dec. 2018. He completed his 10 years of legal and continuous residence in the UK. He did not have many documents to establish his legal and continuous residence in the UK. Advice: We booked an […]

Tier 2 General Application

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Facts: FK is a national of Iran. She completed her degree from the UK and had a job offer from a UK based employer having sponsorship licence. She did not have funds for maintenance and was concerned about 10 points for maintenance. Advice: Advised her not to worry as funds are not required for maintenance […]

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

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Facts: GS and BA are nationals of India and were last given leave to remain as Tier 1 Entrepreneur team members. They invested more than £50K in their company as required and also created two full time jobs for settled workers. Their accountant dealing with the accounts of the company was not registered with one […]

Suspension of Sponsorship License

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Facts: ECL is a company based in Scotland. They had Tier 2 Sponsorship license and employed one overseas national of Tier 2 visa. The home office compliance team visited the business premises of ECL and was not satisfied with the HR procedures of the company and suspended the sponsorship license of the company giving them […]

Super Priority Service- Tier 1 Investor

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Facts: TAC is a Pakistani national living in the UK with her husband. She entered the UK as a Tier 1 Investor before 06 Nov. 2014 and was given three years leave. She invested £1 million in UK Govt Bonds and wanted to apply for further leave to remain for herself and her husband using […]

Spouse Visa – Fresh application

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Facts: TVK is a British citizen who invited his wife from India to join him and sponsored her for spouse visa. He engaged some other solicitors who represented his wife in entry clearance application. He is self-employed and was required to provide documentary evidences of his earnings for the full financial year. Instead he did […]

Revocation of Residence Card

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Facts: MS is a Pakistani national living in the UK. He was lasted given a residence card as an extended family member of his sister who is an EEA national. He went to Pakistan for a short holiday and was stopped at the airport to enquire further about his residence card. The Home office contacted […]