Facts: FK is a national of Iran. She completed her degree from the UK and had a job offer from a UK based employer having sponsorship licence. She did not have funds for maintenance and was concerned about 10 points for maintenance.

Advice: Advised her not to worry as funds are not required for maintenance purposes if her employer certifies her CoS for maintenance. Advised her on the level of Job that fulfills the NVQ level 6 criteria, the minimum required salary for the job on offer, and that as she has completed her degree from the UK, her employer does not need to conduct resident labor market test. The employer issued the CoS , which we used to complete her application for tier 2 general and prepared a detailed covering letter addressed to the home office explaining how she fulfilled the requirements of Tier 2 General visa application.

Outcome: The Home office granted her leave to remain under Tier 2 General  in 6 weeks.

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