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At Chauhan Solicitors we aim to cater to our clients in all exclusivity. Bring us the most challenging of UK Immigration matters, and know that our immigration solicitors in London are at your disposal to support you through even the most daunting of immigration matters.

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    What Makes us one of the Best Solicitors in London for Immigration

    We value you, your time, and your money. Our immigration lawyers in London, UK are some of the best immigration solicitors. The team of top immigration Solicitors at Chauhan Solicitors in London, UK has an uncanny ability to assess our client’s circumstances and advise them accordingly. We are confident in the UK immigration services in London we provide, and the testimonials of our clients vouch for our integrity, competency, and above par legal prowess in all matters of the UK immigration law.

    We Care, So, We Pursue

    UK visa application, Spouse visa application, Sole representative visa application, ILR application, Adult dependent relative visa application, Appeal or Judicial Review, can be a tedious process, and we know the struggle. Located in Moorgate central London, our immigration firms in London are easily accessible to clients from all over the UK. Not nearby, not to worry! Reach us online. Trust us to respond to all your UK immigration worries and sort them out for you.

    Great work done by chauhan solicitors especially amazing job done by Mr. Intisar, he has done his work so well that my application has answered in few days and its approved. We are happy and satisfied and highly recommend chauhan solicitors.
    A Syed
    A Syed
    22:26 23 Sep 20
    Very professional service, kept me well informed throughout the process. I am currently working on next case and keeping my expectations high.
    Masud Ahmad
    Masud Ahmad
    21:11 22 Aug 20
    Mr Intisar at Chauhan Solicitors has once again supported us with his expert knowledge and his all round organising skills , I and family had a successful ILR result on our entrepreneurship application. Planning ahead, attention to details , Precise documentation, Accessibility for constant guidance especially in dire times are few of his many virtues. He clarifies quickly and is also very sensitive to one's circumstances and specific questions. Chauhan Solicitors are thorough professionals, result oriented and very focused in their approach. They will always win for you I am confident and they do it by making it simpler to achieve. Thanks Mr Intisar and team . God bless you guys!!
    amit maheshwari
    amit maheshwari
    22:58 19 Aug 20
    I am really thankful to Intisar sir , they Have put deeply intentions on every point of my case , shows professional behaviour, I always got answers on time . After successful results of my case I will definitely hand over the process of spouse visa for my wife. I will 100% recommend Chauhan solicitors for family visas.
    Rahat Ali
    Rahat Ali
    17:43 22 Jun 20
    I was advised to contact Mr Chauhan by a friend and I would say it was the best advise. I had a complex case, requiring attentions to details. I am very pleased with the outcome and in the future I will contact Mr Chauhan myself and strongly advise his service to anyone. Many thanks!!!
    Marina Mandarina
    Marina Mandarina
    14:31 17 Feb 20
    Mr. Intisar Chauhan is extremely professional and very knowledgeable in the matter of immigration. He prepared my application in short span of time and was very precise with the documentation and gave personal attention at every stage of application. He is very prompt in communication and ensures 100% accuracy in his work.Highly recommended!
    deepak chhillar
    deepak chhillar
    13:45 02 Jan 20
    Chauhan Solictors have been an amazing support. They have remained professional, patient and helpful throughout the process and the communication has always been clear. I recommend their services to everyone wishing to renew their visa.
    A J Iqbal
    A J Iqbal
    23:57 19 Dec 19
    A special thank you to Chauhan solicitors for their professional manner in handling my visa extension application. They professionally guided me through every step of the application process. Communication was excellent and E-mails were answered promptly and very thoughtfully.   I would highly recommend chauhan solicitors to anybody who is in need of a immigration solicitor.
    Tasleem Butt
    Tasleem Butt
    17:42 14 Dec 19
    My family and I are very pleased with the services of Chauhan Solicitors, whom I engaged to deal with immigration law issues. Mr Intisar is very knowledgeable, always responded quickly to my calls or emails and always informed me of every step in the process.We will happily place any future application processes or queries in their hands with complete faith. Overall very positive experience and I would definitely recommend them! Again, massive thank you to you and all your team, and best of luck with your new office.
    A S
    A S
    19:02 12 Dec 19
    Intisar has been dealing with the immigration affairs of my family and friends for over 15 years. In all these years, the numerous case that he dealt with on my behalf, never have I been on the wrong side of the decision from the relevant government authorities. This is due to his detailed understanding of each and every aspect of the immigration law, case file presentation skills and right advice at the right time. And to top all of it you get an excellent service at a cost effective rate from one of the best solicitors. I have already recommended him to a lot of my friends and will not hesitate to recommend anyone else who want a quality advice in these delicate matters. All the best and thank you very much for your help Intisar.
    Fahad Mela
    Fahad Mela
    21:20 30 Nov 19

    We Work With You For Your Immigration Process

    Our work strategy is simple. Our Immigration solicitors and lawyers in London listen to you and work with you. We are attentive to your needs, and we work with intent.

    Our Goals

    • Provide Outstanding Service to our clients.
    • Uphold professional values of honesty, integrity, compassion, and dutifulness.
    • Continue excelling in all areas of immigration law for our clients.

    Choose Us To Be Your Partners

    ✓ We are proud to have the most professional immigration barrister in London on our team.
    ✓ We partner you earnestly and make sure you get 100% correct advice.
    ✓ We take on the multi-pronged process of immigration and deal with all matters related to documentation, representation, and follow-up until you reach your desired outcome.
    ✓ Our amazing immigration solicitors tailor-make solutions to suit the specifics of your case.
    ✓ We know the struggle, and therefore, we work relentlessly to make immigration a smooth process for you.

    Why To Instruct Chauhan Solicitors To Advise You on Your Immigration Matter

    We are a city law firm in UK, specializing in UK Immigration services and matters. We are located in Central London, therefore conveniently accessible to Londoners and clients in other parts of the UK. Moreover, since all the UK immigration applications can be submitted online, it has become easier for us to take instructions from anywhere in the world. We have been advising our clients to succeed in their immigration matters.

    Our Working Strategy

    Tailor-made Solutions for you

    No two immigration matters can be the same. We have a tailor-made solution for every immigration matter and in order to achieve the best outcome, we follow a strict strategy.

    We are confident about our services

    Chauhan solicitors believe in giving honest & unparalleled advice to you. We work in complete confidence, as your partners, in sorting out your immigration matters. We have teamed up with the top-notch immigration solicitor and in London who specialize in UK Immigration Laws in UK and are well equipped to represent you in any complex immigration matter.

    Our excellent REVIEWS vouch for our legal competence, vast knowledge, and diligent work attitude.

    We have hundreds of satisfied clients. According to our clients, we are the top Immigration lawyers in London. We invite you to view our online REVIEWS allowing you to make an informed choice when instructing one of the best London immigration solicitors to represent you.

    Our team of Immigration Solicitors in London is just a phone call away at 0203 514 2536 or info@chauhansolicitors.com